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Whatís Your Next Unique Idea?

Weíll help you get it done!

Sometimes coming up with an idea is the easy part. How do you turn that idea into reality? The team here at GnomeFrenzy want to help turn your great idea into more revenue and brand recognition.

"I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Gnome Frenzy for everything. The work you guys do is absolutely stellar." - Kelsey Gore

We know how to help with your specific needs, whether thatís to expand your product lines and generate more revenue, raise money for your cause or simply continue building your brand.

Be creative and challenge us. We can help you think outside the box.

Itís NOT just about custom gnomes. Our design and manufacturing capabilities span many product types and we can design custom plushies, custom statuary, custom ornaments, you name it!

So, how does it work? Great question. Our expertise can help you in 3 major ways.


CONCEPT: Let our creative team help you come up with fun, unique and creative concepts that can we can turn into profits for you

DESIGN: Our design team can take the concept and prepare all the necessary artwork and design materials for manufacturing

DELIVER: We donít hand you off to someone else to make your products. Weíll help get your concept fully created and can even help with your distribution needs.

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Custom Item Samples Catalog

So, are you ready bring your ideas to life? WE LOVE A CHALLENGE! Donít hold back, contact us if youíre need a custom garden gnome, custom statuary, custom plushy, custom grill covers, or any other idea you can come up with.

"Thank you so much for making my experience with Gnome Frenzy a pleasure. I thought that the design team listened to my ideas as well as gave me feedback on the designs to help me get exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to you and your team for working so hard and doing such a wonderful job." - Barbara Lapointe