How To Pick A Garden Gnome...

Looking For Tips On Selecting A Garden Gnome?

I still wonder why some people donít like garden gnomes and lawn gnomes. Iíve thought about this for a while and Iíve decided that it simply has to do with the fact that most people donít realize the wide variety of garden gnomes that are available to them. I like to consider myself an expert on the subject and because of my exposure to so many varieties, I know my options. So, for the beginner garden decorator, I'll give you a guide map to understand the gnomes you should be buying.

It will start with a few questions...
As you start to narrow down your options, you need to understand the goal of your new gnome and how it will relate to your personal style. You should start by asking yourself a series of questions. The answers to these questions will guide along your gnome adoption process.

Am I Old World or New World?
In other words, do you prefer 'old world' style garden gnomes or more recent Americanized adaptations of the garden gnome and lawn gnome. The difference is that the 'old world' style gnomes mimic the antique original style created by Phillip Griebel in Germany back in the 19th century. These gnomes have a younger looking, slimmer body and face. Newer style gnomes have a fuller body and tend to resemble our version of Santa Clause.

How Much Am I Willing To Invest?
No matter what your budget, you can find a garden gnome to fit it. There are plastic garden gnomes that cost under $10 or a much higher quality hand painted pottery gnomes which could cost you over $100. As with most things, you tend get what you pay for. Nicer stoneware pottery gnomes designed by Kimmel Gnomes for instance, are glazed on the inside and outside and can be left outside all year round. You may find some of the less expensive, plastic gnomes losing color and/or breaking much easier.

Do I Have Something To Tell The World?
The world of garden gnomes and lawn gnomes is big place. You can find gnomes engaged in almost any activity. Do you want simply add decoration to your home, or do you have alterior motives? For instance, you can show support for your favorite school by getting a collegiate garden gnomes. I happen to be an alumni of the University Of Florida and found this to be a great gateway gnome as my first gnome purchase. As a side note, you'll also discover that these make perfect gifts for other college sports fans in your life. Perhaps you are interested in a more patriotic garden gnome. You can also get a garden gnome holding an American Flag. If a statement of some kind is not your goal, you will also find many options of gnomes which are more traditional. There is always the option to get yourself a hard working gnome or just a lazy gnome napping by a mushroom.

What Gnome Matches My Personality? This is a very important question. Are you the kind of person who makes it their goal in life to bring about laughter? Would you be happier with a simple comment on how cute your gnome is? If you fall into the first category, there is no shortage of gnomes to fit your personality. From mooning gnomes to even flashing, these gnomes will be sure elicit some type of reaction from your visitors. Theyíll either laugh or be appalled by the vulgar little statue in your yard. Yes, it doesnít matter how you slice it, a naked male garden gnome with his 'gnome bits' exposed will be construed as vulgar.

Do I Intend To Buy More Than One? You may not know the answer to this question yet, but this may play a large part in your decision. If you intend to adopt more than one garden gnome or lawn gnome, you may decide that you want to have a few who are working and a few that are just being lazy. From, chopping wood, digging holes or just taking a nap, youíll discover garden gnomes in a variety of activities. If instead you only want one gnome, perhaps youíd like a gnome who's just just standing around looking cute and waiting for something exciting to happen.

Where Will I Put My New Gnome? I say this will all sincerity. Gnomes go great anywhere. I say this because I happen to have a couple of garden gnomes myself which I've placed inside my home. I prefer to call these little fellas 'home gnomes' instead of garden gnomes or lawn gnomes. The point is that most of these gnomes are small and look adorable just hanging out on a book shelf. I decided to put my University of Florida Garden Gnome in my office. Now, I understand that you may however be looking to have a strictly outdoor gnome, which is perfectly fine. There are some wonderful outdoor options also. Would you like a gnome with a welcome sign showing visitors that they are always welcome at your home? If you do decide that you would prefer an outdoor gnome, you may decide to purchase a larger one. You be able to find gnomes that range in all sizes from 3' to over 15' tall.

Did You Know There Was Such A Variety? So, there you have it. Hopefully, now you have much more knowledge about the kinds of gnomes that are available to you. Once you answer these questions for yourself, youíll start to find out which gnome is right for you. We are happy to be the starting point in your journey and believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for here. Happy Gnome Hunting.

Gnome Lover And Gnome Advocate